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Fixes the following rebar sizes:

8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm
B2 8mm clip clip clip clip
10mm clip clip clip tie
12mm clip clip clip tie
16mm clip tie tie tie

1Can receive and retain 25mm reinforcing in either of the slots (one direction only)

A plastic spacer for fixing steel in a concrete slab


Fixes the join, without tying

Rapid Installation

Uses slots, not wire or clips


Exceeds British (BS 7973) Fixity and compression Standards


One KrosBlok Fixes rebar 8-12mm bi-directional, 16-20mm uni-directional


Manufactured with up to 50% recycled materials


Cover available in 20mm to 50mm in 10 mm increments


Reduce labor time by up to 60%


Withstands extreme site and thermal conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

KrosBlok is made from High-Density Polypropylene.

KrosBlok should not be confused with a mesh spacer.  A mesh spacer has little to no fixity requirement as the mesh is pre-welded and KrosBlok’ fixity results are unparalleled in the market.

12mm rebar at 40mm intervals will require 2 to 3 KrosBloks per m2.

KrosBlok with baseplate will be available shortly.

No. various studies of spacers in 30-40 year old concrete members have shown no evidence to support this concern.

Each KrosBlok can withstand up to 150kg.

They differ by 5mm to enable each KrosBlok to provide two cover options per block. e.g.  30mm or 35mm.

Please note, on the 5mm side (e.g. 35mm, 45mm etc) it may require more frequent tying on the larger rebar sizes.

Yes, with occasional tying.

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